ISIA, the International Association of professional Ski Instructors,in 2008, established the reviewed version of the Minimum Standard, that all the Member Nations of ISIA have to follow for the education of their instructors and their refresh.
The ISIA Minimum Standard has been written according to the Copenhagen Process (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training [ECVET]).
The Minimum Standard sets a common platform for the education of the snowsports instructors and guarantees that there is no substantial difference among the education systems of the ISIA member countries.
The accreditation levels recognised by ISIA are:
– ISIA Stamp
– ISIA Card (the highest level in the ISIA system).
In order to verify what the content of the Minimum Standard is, you can refer to our web page, at the address
All the snowsports instructors holding either an ISIA Stamp, either an ISIA Card, are qualified according to the ISIA Minimum Standard, as relevant for their accreditation level.
ISIA is implementing a database (the ISIA Database) that will be the only reference to check:
  • if an instructor is a professional,
  • which association he belongs to,
  • which licence he is holding,
  • if his licence is current and valid
  • what ISIA level his licence is.
I hope this answers your questions.
We firmly believe that the ISIA Instructors are the best expression of the snowsports teaching in the world, and they are definitely some of the best ambassadors to promote the snowsports.
Please find attached on this an updates ISIA qualifications list.
kind regards.
Hugo Reider
ISIA  – International Ski Instructors Association
Dr.Hugo Reider
Generalsekretär – General Secretary – Secrétaire Général








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